Vehicle Description

1950 Alfa Romeo 6C2500 Riva Berlinetta.

Vehicle Specifications

In 1949, Guido Cattaneo, the famous automobile and boat racer,  approached Gilco (Ferrari’s chassis builder) with plans for a high speed touring car. The chassis was built to take Alfa 6C2500 suspension, steering and a dry sump engine.  

The chassis was laid out along the lines of the 6C Competizione chassis.  Round tubes, underslung at the rear and very low to the ground.

Initially consultations were made with Carrozzeria Touring for bodywork.  It was to be designed along the lines of the 1950 LeMans Ferrari which was also being built by Touring (drawings above).

After some discussion Count Lurani was retained to design the body and Carrozzeria Riva (located near Lake Cuomo) built the stunning coachwork. 

 The car was completed in August 1950 and was immediately entered in the Venice Concours, winning Best in Show.  Justifying all the time and hard work. 



Looking very much like a Maserati A6G Zagato, but 5 years ahead of it’s time.


In 1950 the car was sold to a client in Milan.

By 1975 it was owned by Homer Tsakis, NY USA.

It was sold to Robert Tucker in 1975 and has remained in his care since.




The car is shown and discussed in detail in the Alfa 6C2500 book by Anselmi, also in the 6C2500 Register and the Alfa Catalogue Raisonne.

Motor Trend June issue of 1951 mentions the car also.



Chassis number 1005. 

Engine number 1105.  It is a dry sump engine with triple carbs.

The car comes with all the window moldings and door moldings with one exception, the windshield moldings are missing. 

Various knobs and switches for the dash board.

Gas tank and radiator.

Gearbox and gearbox cover. Clutch and flywheel.

Bumpers, rear window inner trim and a couple of rear window side glass pieces.
















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