Daniel Rapley

Over the last 30 years Daniel has built a reputation of knowledge, discretion and trust. He has helped many enthusiasts, collectors and museums acquire and dispose of important cars from their collections.

Fresh from New Zealand, Daniel became professionally involved in the classic car world in 1988. By 1992 he had started his own company which continues to this day – Rapley Classic Cars.

His initial interests were in British sportscars but this quickly expanded to include European sportscars and American Specials. Today the company handles historic and important cars of all stripes.




Lenny Benson

After graduating from the Connecticut School of Electronics Lenny started his working career in the engineering department at Oriel Instruments. After many years he then moved into the pharmaceutical automation field, working for Kirby Lester for 17 years.

Always harboring a keen interest in cars and anything fast, Lenny changed fields and found a home at Rapley Classic Cars in 2011.  For the last few years Lenny has been finding new homes for some great sportscars. Ferrari 275 (2 cam and 4 cam) Lusso, Lamborghini Miura, Periscopio, Lister, Aston and many others. Patient, experienced and amiable. A great combination.




Tim Fagan

Tim’s education includes the Denver Automotive and Diesel College, the Sikorsky School of Aviation and a degree in Aviation Management from the University of New Haven. If that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, while in school, Tim opened an antique store in Bethel, Connecticut. The mold was set. Tim’s love of antiques kept him busy for the next 25 years.

As you can imagine, any individual interested in Airplanes and Antiques is likely to find himself with an attraction to high quality vintage cars.

Tim joined Rapley Classic Cars in 2011. With a broad knowledge of old European sportscars, he was an instant fit.

Tim has helped customers sell and acquire some great cars. Highlights include an Alfa Romeo 1900 with period Mille Miglia history, several Mercedes 300SLs, Flaminia Zagato, Alfa Zagato and he recently discovered the missing 1938 BMW LeMans 328. Well done Tim!


Stephanie Hack

Stephanie joined Rapley Classic Cars in 2012. With a background in retail management and administration, her personality and skills were a perfect fit.

All roads lead to Stephanie. If something is being done by the company, then its probably being run, managed or organized by Stephanie.





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